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With emergence of security threats these days, residential apartments are the most vulnerable areas of burglary or theft. To avoid all these issues, Secureye have a complete solution which can easily enhance and assure the security and safety of residential area.

Basic Necessities of Residential Apartments

  • Video Surveillance System
  • Entrance Security Solution
  • Multi Apartment Video Door Phones for Visitors

Video Surveillance Solutions

Secureye provides complete digital surveillance solution which includes the implementation of HD cameras capable of working in any lighting conditions with extreme clarity. Also, the DVRs or NVRs stores the recorded videos for longer duration.

Benefits of Video Surveillance Solutions
  • Implementation of HD/IP cameras for round the clock recording
  • Storage of videos for longer duration
  • Centralized command system to monitor the videos
  • CCTV footage of entire periphery

Entrance Security Solution

Implementation of Entrance Security solution from Secureye can enhance the safety and security of premises. Video surveillance along with entrance security is really a must have installation of every residential apartments.

Benefits of Entrance Security Solution
  • Unauthorized entrance can be restricted
  • Enhance security of the premises
  • RFID/UHFID solution for staffs or daily visitors

Multi Apartment Video Door Phone Solutions

Multi apartment video door phone solution implementation enhances the security and safety of the residents. The visitor for any flat is easily verified at the entrance only.

Benefits of Multi Apartment Video Door Phone Solutions
  • The system offers 3-level security at the main guard station, tower lobby entrance, and a flat entrance.
  • Designed aesthetically, these VDPs go well with the interior of the home and are perfect for both new & existing infrastructure.
  • IN IP based MAVDP additional feature of Automatic or manual Image capturing is also available

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