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Hospitality / Health Care

One of the most important industry segments is Hospitality or health care which needs strict security and surveillance solutions. It can easily become safe haven for terrorists or refugees during any natural disaster or unwanted events. Secureye provides complete solution ranging from video surveillance to door access control and entrance security. Biometric attendance system of staff is also considered while implementation of solutions from Secureye.

Basic Necessities of Hospitality/ Health Care

  • Video Surveillance of every room/ward and every visitor
  • Maintaining the safety of No Entry Zone
  • Entrance Security related issues to restrict unauthorized entry
  • Attendance of Employees
  • Hotel Locks for every rooms RFID/Biometric enabled

Video Surveillance Solutions

Secureye provides complete digital surveillance solution which includes the implementation of HD cameras capable of working in any lighting conditions with extreme clarity. Also, the DVRs or NVRs stores the recorded videos for longer duration.

Benefits of Video Surveillance Solutions
  • Implementation of HD/IP cameras for round the clock recording
  • Storage of videos for longer duration
  • Centralized command system to monitor the videos
  • CCTV footage of entire periphery

Door Access Control Solution

Door Access Control Solution from Secureye enhances the security and safety of no entry zones. Many a times, visitors are unaware about the No Entry zone. Hence to prevent the access into the private zones, door access control can help us a lot.

Benefits of Door Access Control Solutions
  • Only authorized person can access the system
  • Hotel locks can increase the safety and security of visitors
  • Increases the safety of valuables kept in the room
  • Restrict unauthorized or forceful entry

Entrance Security Solution

Implementation of Entrance Security solution from Secureye can enhance the safety and security of premises. Video surveillance along with entrance security is really a must have installation of every hotel and hospital premises.

Benefits of Entrance Security Solution
  • Unauthorized entrance can be restricted
  • Enhance security of the premises
  • RFID/UHFID solution for staffs or daily visitors

Biometric Attendance Management System

Secureye provides the complete solution of employee management through attendance machines. From fingerprint to face recognition, we have a huge range of products that can suit your requirement and solve the purpose.

Benefits of Biometric Attendance Management System
  • Proper attendance management of every employee
  • Holiday leave and other parameters can be easily tracked
  • Report management with a single click

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