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Access Control Accessories

Photoelectric Beams – S-PB

  • Description : Photoelectric Beams
  • Model No : S-PB

The Photoelectric Beams is an INPUT DEVICE that is made up of a two part set of detectors that emit a fine invisible PIR beam between them. The unit is triggered it the beam is interrupted by an intruder passing through it.

  • Technical Specification
  • Working Voltage: 10~18VDC
  • Wireless Frequency: 433 MHZ or Wired
  • Transmission Range: 100m
  • Working Current (mA): Receiver ≤35mA; Transmitter≤75mA
  • Static Current(uA): 3.00
  • Number of beams: 2 or 3 or 4 or 6 or 8 or 10
  • Operating Temperature: -10degree – +50degree
  • Relative Humidity: <80%
  • Response time: ≤1S
  • Size: (H X W X D)115 X 65 X 35mm
  • Applications: For indoor or outdoor use. Wall, Fence of the house, Big Windows, Other Fences

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