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RFID Locks for Locker

Secureye RFID Locker Lock

RFID Locker Lock – S-L100

  • Description : RFID Locker Lock
  • Model No : S-L100
  • Cabinet lock
  • Short delivery time
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Card Type: ID,MIFARE ,TIMIC
  • Power Supply: DC6V
  • Lack of voltage indication

Price: : KSH6,000.00

  • Technical Specification
  • Card Type: ID, MIFARE, TIMIC User can set locking doors using whether single card. ID makes use of electromagnetic wave tech.The induction is more sensitive and the distance is less than 3cm.
  • Power Supply: DC6V, 4 pieces of 5# alkaline batteries can be used for more than 1 year. Attached power supply head is prepared.The main chip of circuit board is the US. Texas Instrument TI Chip, the power consumption of which is low.
  • Static Current: uA, Card Reading Current: ≤ m2A0, Lock Opening Current: about 300mA(last for 0.3s).
  • Work settings: temperature:-20°C~+70°C, humidity: ≤95R%H
  • Lack of voltage indication: When the voltage is less than 4.8V, the lock will give a indication and the red LED will light.
  • Use: At the same time, you can still open the lock for more than 50 times Hotels, sauna centres, office cabinet doors
  • Specialties:Using the cards to open the door. The door will open automatically. Handle is not needed. You can use mechanical equipment to open the door for emergencies. Combined gears movement to ensure the safety and the reliability. Watch band type cards are worn for convenience. It prevents from water, humidity, high temperature, tampering and erosion.
  • System Settings: A front lock body, a core of lock, a door holder module, door open cards

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