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Boom Barrier Gate

LED Boom Barrier Image

Smart LED Boom Barrier S-BB100-L (KSH104,500.00)

  • Description : Smart LED Boom Barrier | Boom Barrier Gate
  • Model No : S-BB100-L


  • Adopt crank connecting rod mechanism driving, reduce the mechanical failure, low noise, no pollution, no need to maintain.
  • Remote control distance up to 10 ~ 20 meters, can control way of the brake switch form at any time, ensure the channel unimpeded
  • The balance of the special institutions, always cover up the vertical rod, rod level, and smooth, it can adjust the length according to
    the free brake rod.
  • Remote control more convenient can open and stop at any time in special circumstances.
  • Can be an external manual control button line stops. on, off in case of power failure.
  • Support external vehicle detector, higher sensitivity, and more stable
  • The exclusive built-in double LED Flasing light needs no special maintenance and ensures complete visibility.

Key Features

  • Maximum Boom Length up to 6mtr (With Retraceable Feature)
  • Aluminium Boom
  • Opening Time: 3-6 Second
  • Power Supply: 220V ±10%
  • With IP55 protection grade
  • Duty Cycle 100%
  • Operating Temp:—35°C to +80°C

Price: : KSH104,500.00

  • Technical Specifications
  • Boom Size : Up to 6Mtr (With Retraceable Feature)
  • Frequency : 50/60Hz
  • Open Time : 3 ~ 6 sec
  • Motor : Electro-Mechanical
  • Voltage : 220V 10%
  • Controller : Microprocessor Based
  • Interface :Traffic Light less than 10A
  • Body : Weather Proof with anti-corrosion treatment
  • Other Accessories : Operating Switch & Boom Stand / Remote
  • Boom : Motion Control By Balanced Spring System
  • IP Grade : IP55
  • Remote Distance : 10 ~ 20mtr
  • Optional : Access Control System. RF Reader, Photo Cell
  • Duty Cycle :100%
  • LED Indicator : Red & Green for Opening I Close Status

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