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Wireless Accessories

Wireless Glass Breakage Sensor Model No : GB-100

Wireless Glass Breakage Sensor – GB-100

  • Description : Wireless Glass Breakage Sensor
  • Model No : GB-100

The Glass Breakage Sensor is An INPUT DEVICE which is
triggered by the sound of breaking glass. This is the
perimeter protection for the windows or glass or and other
buildings. The glass break sensor is usually installed on
glass doors and windows and glass walls. The glass break
sensor operates on the principle that when the glass door or
glass window or glass walls break by the intruder shock or
hit, It will detect the glass breakage frequency, then triggers
a signal to alarm system. The glass breakage sensor is
popular and widely used because they detect an intruder
before he enters the protected premises.

Price: : KSH3,650.00+vat

  • Technical Specifications
Working Voltage 12VDC
Wireless Frequency 133MHz
Transmission Range 100m
Working Current (mA) 8 ~ 20
Static Current(uA) 3
Detect Range 7m
Size 90*66*25mm
Applications Glass Doors, Glass windows, Glass Walls, etc.

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