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Security and surveillance trends in Indian real estate

A home is much more than a set of concretes. Irrespective of whether we live in an apartment or a standalone house, the idea is to own an abode that provides us with a shelter and a sense of security. In fact, concerns pertaining to security and surveillance are of...

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All You Need to Know About – ‘Thermal Cameras’

In the recent few months, the demand for thermal cameras has increased a lot. But do you know - Thermal Cameras are being used for many years. Industries, border areas, chemical factories, and hospitals - Thermals cameras have been used in different applications. I...

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Secureye The Next Big Deal in Home Monitoring

Introducing smart home security Falcon iCam500 night vision camera controlled with Alexa. This WI-FI Bullet IP Camera with LED floodlight is equipped with the latest path-breaking technologies to keep both commercial and residential space safe and secure. The year...

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Smart Home Security At Your Fingertips With S-C20

If someone is looking for a security camera in the affordable range, S-C20 solved all the purpose. It fulfils all the basic needs of the customer who is looking for a home security solution device. All the working professionals want to keep an eye on what’s happening...

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